• Zonguldak - Ereğli Organized Industrial Zone

    ZEOSB infrastructure necessities has been satisfied.


    Most part of the highway construction, substructure and natural gas distribution lines has been completed.

  • Electricity distribution and operations of O.G. has been run by our district.

  • Infrastructural works for water distribution lines, waste water collection, electricity center, phone/internet lines has been completed.

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Zonguldak - Ereğli OIZ

Zonguldak-Ereğli Organized Industrial Zone is a mixed OIZ, established in 1995 to meet the industrial zone need of the region.

Zonguldak-Ereğli Organised Industrial Zone has been established by administrative leadership of Enterprising Committee consist of 15 members, 6 of which supported Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s 40% participants and 9 of which supported 60% participants of Special Provincial Administration.


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